Controversial Essay Topics for a Research Paper or Speech

Have you been assigned to write an essay for your English class? Are you searching for controversial topics for an argumentative or persuasive essay? Just need a topic that is unique and interesting? Here are a few controversial essay topics for high school and college research papers.
Controversial Essay / Research Paper Topic #1: Should welfare recipients undergo mandatory drug testing?

This is a very controversial subject, but is not too common. You can discuss both the benefits and negatives of required drug testing for people who receive welfare. For some insight on this topic, check out “Should Welfare or Public Assistance Recipients Be Drug Tested?” You also might interview a social worker for a professional quote. You could possibly find an welfare recipient on a message board online for an anonymous quote. (You might check out the “Moms on Public Assistance” forum here.)

Controversial Essay / Research Paper Topic #2: Should pregnant foster teens be pressured into having an abortion?

Any topic that covers abortion is definitely controversial and heated. If you choose this topic, you could discuss why you feel pressuring a teen into an abortion is definitely anti-choice. For some help on this sensitive topic, please read “Should Pregnant Foster Teens Be Coerced, Forced, or Pressured Into Having an Abortion?” It is definitely not a very common essay topic.

Controversial Essay / Research Paper Topic #3: Should prisons allow moms to have their babies or children with them in jail?

A third controversial topic would be to discuss nurseries in prisons. You can discuss the pros and cons of allowing mothers to have their babies or toddlers with them in jail while they serve time. Read “Should Prisons Allow Moms to Raise Their Babies Behind Bars?” for more details and some article links.

Controversial Essay / Research Paper Topic #4: Should the forensic interview tactics of sexually abused children be changed?

This topic would require some extra research, but would definitely be a very controversial and enlightening topic. You can discuss cases where children told interviewers they were sexually molested when they really were not. One link to check out is here. You also might discuss the Tonya Craft case. She was acquitted on 22 counts of child molestation. For some article links and insight on the case, read “Facebook Users Unite to Show Support for Tonya Craft.” You also might check out “An Open Letter to Joal Henke, Ex-Husband of Tonya Craft, Regarding the Custody of their Children.” You can discuss how interviewers should ask open-ended questions such as “Tell me what happened when you visited your Uncle”, instead of leading questions.

Controversial Essay / Research Paper Topic #5: Should fathers of unborn babies be allowed to stop an abortion?

A fifth highly debatable topic would be to cover father’s rights in an abortion. Currently biological fathers have no say in an abortion of their unborn child. Read “Should Fathers of Unborn Babies Be Permitted to Stop an Abortion?” for some more thoughts on this issue.

This are just five controversial topics to consider for a research paper or essay. For some more suggestions, you might read “5 Argumentative / Persuasive Essay or Speech Topics.” Another article to check out is “Unique Persuasive Essay / Speech Topics.” Happy Writing!